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Bachelor, Master, PhD and MBA students at a European university, outside the UK.

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11PM November 01 2011

The competition is over and the first prize winner is...

Flaming ice

Global warming is happening. There is no doubt about that. However, humanity just does not seem to understand how serious consequences it would bring. Discussions have been going on for a very long time, various initiatives have beem put in place, but considerable change is still out of sight. Are we going to be able to avert danger and leave a liveable earth for future generations?

138 votes
"A very strong picture on an extremely topical subject and poses a good, pointed question at the end."

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Everything is beautiful; one way or the other...

The nature has made everything beautiful. We just need eyes to find the beauty in them. We all just need to swallow our pride of being a human being and must show them love. They need it.

194 votes